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  • Peptide Design

  • Amino Acid Properties

  • Peptide Purity

  • Weighing peptides

  • Aliquoting Peptides

  • Solubilizing Peptides

  • Measuring concentration

  • ...and more!


Avoid an experimental disaster and find out all you need to know

Synthetic custom peptides offer an increasingly affordable approach for exploring protein-protein interactions and more complex phenomena such as immune responses directed against specific epitopes. To get the best from peptides in your experiments, you need to consider all relevant factors when designing and using peptides. This guide provides expert advice on the storage and handling of custom peptides, to enable you to get optimal results. It will also cover the implications of the presence of certain amino acids in the peptide sequence and suggest design considerations to help achieve your desired outcomes.

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Dr. Annelie Hellvard

The Gade Institute, University of Bergen, Norway

"We have had nothing but good experiences using peptides synthesized by ProImmune/thinkpeptides. Since we started working with them in 2009 there have been no issues whatsoever, and the peptides were a big part of a recent publication in the Journal of Immunology [PubMedID:20488785].  I am always surprised by how fast quotes are delivered and questions are answered - the customer service is excellent".



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