When folded proteins don't work..



..don't despair, use peptides!



To cheer you up get 25% off if you order your peptides before the end of March 2016*!

Peptides are often used to simulate portions of proteins, such as in overlapping libraries. thinkpeptides offers you a full range of peptide synthesis services at great prices. We can help you design the right peptides for your project, whether you need overlapping libraries, pooled peptides or peptides with specialist modifications.

At thinkpeptides all our representatives are Ph.D. level Biochemists or Immunologists and can advise on how to manage your peptide supply for your project, including library design, deciding on the right peptide format, pooling, aliquotting, storage. Contact us today for some help and advice!


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*To claim your discount, quote TPMAR16 with your order. Applicable to standard custom peptides and standalone peptide orders only (not in conjunction with other services). Discount not cumulative with other discounts - lowest price will apply.

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