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Researchers investigate novel tumor suppressor peptides using thinkpeptides

Law J.H. et al., Molecular Decoy to the Y-Box Binding Protein-1 Suppresses the Growth of Breast and Prostate Cancer Cells whilst Sparing Normal Cell Viability DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0012661

Figure 1B Illustrating the function of the YB-1 cell permeable peptide.

Abbreviated abstact:

Law et al. investigated YB-1, an oncogenic transcription/translation factor that can activate EGFR and HER-2. The group developed a decoy cell permeable peptide (CPP) as a cancer therapeutic, preventing YB-1-S102 phosphorylation. In cancer cells, the CPP blocked P-YB-1-S102 and down-regulated both HER-2 and EGFR protein expression. Growth of certain cancer cells was inhibited by ~90% with the CPP. Sensitivity to trastuzumab in cells expressing amplified HER-2 was increased, overcoming resistance. By contrast, the CPP had no inhibitory effect on the growth of normal immortalized breast epithelial cells, primary breast epithelial cells, nor did it inhibit differentiation of hematopoietic progenitors. Peptides for this study were custom synthesized by thinkpeptides.

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