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ProMix™ Peptide Pools

Smart immunology from thinkpeptides

By focusing on key immunodominant peptides, ProMix™ peptide pools from thinkpeptides are uniquely able to provide you with a cost-effective and representative picture of the T-cell response against an entire disease or protein.

Our peptide pools have uniform 95% purity, and a clearly defined sequence content. This allows for easy back-mapping of a positive response back to the individual epitopes responsible. The epitopes used in our pools are backed by publication, and have been specifically chosen to cover the seven most common HLA types in the population, along with particularly relevant alleles applicable to particular diseases or proteins of interest.

  • ProMix™ peptide pools provide a representative picture of the T cell response against a protein or even an entire virus, using well characterized immunodominant epitopes
  • >95% purity in pools
  • Peptide pool content is well defined allowing individual peptide responses to be mapped if required
  • ProMixes™ are a highly cost effective alternative to other options
  • Infectious disease Promixes™ cover epitopes from an entire virus rather than just one protein


Survivin protein, illustrating how key epitopes from the survivin ProMix™ peptide pool map to its surface

Available ProMix™ Peptide Pools:


ProMix™ Number of peptides Code
ProMix™ NY-ESO-1 Peptide Pool 5 PX-NYESO
ProMix™ Prostate Specific Antigen Peptide Pool 9 PX-PSA
ProMix™ Survivin Peptide Pool 11 PX-SURV
ProMix™ bcr/c-abl Peptide Pool 6 PX-BCR
ProMix™ Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase Peptide Pool 12 PX-TERT
ProMix™ Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen Peptide Pool 7 PX-PSMA
ProMix™ gp100/p-mel Peptide Pool 8 PX-GP100
ProMix™ Tyrosinase Peptide Pool 6 PX-TYR


Infectious Diseases

ProMix™ Number of peptides Code
ProMix™ Adenovirus Peptide Pool 5 PX-ADENO
ProMix™ CMV Peptide Pool 14 PX-CMV
ProMix™ EBV Peptide Pool 26 PX-EBV
ProMix™ Influenza Peptide Pool 17 PX-FLU
ProMix™ Hepatitis C Virus Peptide Pool 21 PX-HCV
ProMix™  Hepatitis B Virus Peptide Pool 9 PX-HBV
ProMix™ HIV Peptide Pool 22 PX-HIV
ProMix™ Human Papillomavirus Peptide Pool 14 PX-HPV
ProMix™ CEFT Peptide Pool 24 PX-CEFT
ProMix™ CEF Peptide Pool 32 PX-CEF
ProMix™ Respiratory Syncytial Virus Peptide Pool 28 PX-RSV

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