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Using peptides to reflect proteins in your immunology and proteomics research means you don't have to worry about protein expression, protein purification, confounding manufacturing process problems, how to incorporate and control protein modifications, stability issues, folding problems, controlling protein synthesis time - we could go on!


At thinkpeptides we offer a complete range of peptide synthesis services covering any scale, purity, library requirement, pooling, aliquotting, modification requirements, all at highly competitive prices.


Our responsive Ph.D. immunologist/biochemist customer service team will help you find the best way to use peptides in your research.


Leaving your peptide needs to us gives you the freedom to focus on your research!


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Praise for our service:

Dr. Annelie Hellvard

The Gade Institute, University of Bergen, Norway

"We have had nothing but good experiences using peptides synthesized by ProImmune/thinkpeptides. Since we started working with them in 2009 there have been no issues whatsoever, and the peptides were a big part of a recent publication in the Journal of Immunology [PubMedID:20488785].  I am always surprised by how fast quotes are delivered and questions are answered - the customer service is excellent".



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